Quiting forever :(

•October 20, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Hey guys my last post on this site :(, Im quiting this site and i will go on club penguin very few. Im boared of cp and i am playing facebok games most of the time, I will start a fb cheats site very soon that will have cheats for games like pet soc., farmville, restaurant city……………….


Weird Clubpenguin problem!?!?!?

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Hey guys there is this weird clubpenguin problem thats happening for me and my friends, for some reason every time i open my penguin is says that i got the wrong password although am sure my password is right! I tried this with more that 10 penguins and i got the same error! Also some friends of mine were complaining about the same thing, if this ever happens to you please comment or email me! If you know how to solve it also comment, thanks!!!


Fall fair new items!

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PHEW!! Finally done, this took alot of time and editinng as well as id searches but im finally done! Look what I found;

new fall fair items

those will be placed in the place of the “more items coming soon” spot in the gift both both for members and non-members, I think the moostache will be for non-members and the pink hat would go inside at the members area!

Fall Fair Cheats

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Hey everyone the fall fair has finally arived! I found this cool cheat that you can use to get unlimited coins!

Choose a game that gets you lots of tickets I would choose Puffle paddle play the game normally when your done press the tab button until theres a yellow box around the x at the corner


press enter as many times as you get if you press 2 times it will be double,3 triple…………

Collect some tickets then you can get free items at the forest!

Theres is a members area at the cove! There are more prizes in there, sorry non-members only for members.



well thats it, have fun everyone 😉

New clothing cataloge!

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Hey guys cp had updated the clothing cataloge! Its really good, It has some really new items! Here are all the cheats,


Cheat 1

Click the computer mouse on the second page for the Black Bowtie!


Cheat 2

Click inside of the piano on the 7th page for ther red viking helmet


Cheat 3

Open and close the red viking helmet 4 times for the blue viking helmet!


Here are all the cheats, have fun 😛

Rockhooper Arives!

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Hey guys, I know am a little late to post but I was really  busy this morning….. Rockhooper arrived this morning with some meber and non-member suff! Here is a pic I got of rockhoopers rare item cataloge!


I like the fuzzing viking  hat as wel as the free viking helemet

You Pick The Halloween Background!

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Hey guys, this halloween you will be able to choose the background! You can comment on the club penuins blog and tell them wich you like more!


MMMM… tough question I would choose the pumpkin patch one…